5 Benefits of Keto Diet You Must Know

    If you're like everyone who values health and appreciates feeling good everyday. You probably heard of the keto diet, or much better you're hopefully on the keto diet. As you know being on keto, is a great way to lose weight and change the way you look for the better. But do the benefits of the keto diet just end there?

    Well today we are here to discuss just that. You'd be amazed to find out that the health benefits of the keto diet are just endless besides the obvious fact that being on keto will help you look sexy as hell! Let's dive in shall we?

    Benefit #1: You will have more energy

    You'll simply feel more energetic when you're on keto. This is a big benefit to being on the keto diet, as compared to many other diets that require you to starve yourself and be miserable all day at the expense of your happiness. When you are on keto you are not hungry, period. You can eat a lot of amazing foods while keeping your energy levels high and have fun doing it by eating food you actually enjoy.

    Benefit # 2: Targets Belly Fat

    It's scientifically been proven that you typically lose the fat concentrated around your waist, at the very last. To make this more clear, there are 2 different types of fat you should be aware of; the subcutaneous fat which is fat stored under the skin and the visceral fat, which is the kind of fat that surrounds our key organs and the abdominals. Having excessive fat has been linked to diabetes and heart disease.

    By Switching to a low carb diet, you're effectively reducing the harmful mid-section fat. As low carb diet specially targets the stubborn fat accumulated around your belly.

    Benefit # 3: Increases Levels of Your Good Cholesterol

    Being on Keto can transform your life. Specially if you're told by your doctor that you might have to go on meds to decrease your cholesterol. If so you might want to delay that, and perhaps give keto a chance to do its magic. Keto can actually increase your good cholesterol and lower your triglycerides.

    An effective way to increase your good HDL level is to eat good healthy fats. And being on Keto, a low carb diet, will just do that. You'l also be decreasing your triglycerides to healthy levels. This is because one of the reasons people have high levels of triglycerides is due to high levels of carbohydrate consumption. Pro tip: using healthy and natural keto collagen and keto meal replacements will help you stick to your diet. Specially if you are on busy schedule.

    Benefit #4: Lowers Your Blood Sugar

    This is a big one. If you have high blood sugar, being on keto could be your remedy. Millions of people with diabetes and insulin resistance are affected every year. What's astonishing, is that according to ADA, more Americans die of diabetes than people die from AIDS and breast cancer alone. That number is 79,535 people per year to be exact.

    When you are on keto, you are essentially eliminating all the unwanted carbs from your diet, thus lowering your blood sugar and the chances of becoming diabetic.

    Benefit # 5: Protects Your Brain

    The keto diet has been around for decades and widely used since the 1920s, to help cure children with epilepsy. Several studies done on the subject has discovered that children on keto had 50% less seizures than children who weren't on keto. And 16% of the children were completely cured from having any seizures at all.

    ketogenic and low carb diets have also been found to help reducing symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. And studies are still ongoing the subject.

    To conclude It is never too late to start on your keto journey. Start today, you won't regret it!