What Keto Snacks to buy when you're on the go

    If you’ve been on the keto diet for a while, you might have noticed that there are many kinds of products and snacks labeled as “keto friendly”. You might even have tried some of them and liked them. 

    At DaKetoShop we believe snacking on keto is not only a good thing but necessary. Since a lot of time we can get caught up with daily routines such as work and not have time to cook or even find a place to buy keto friendly food.

    This is why having some low to zero carb keto snacks can certainly come handy when you need an energy boost. However there are some things you should consider when choosing Keto snacks to buy so you choose the right food and you are not kicked out of Ketosis by accident. Here we've compiled a list of healthy keto snacks to buy for you to have handy when you consider having a keto snack;

    Hard boiled Eggs

    This is an easy one, you can get this anywhere. And even buy it pre-cooked or prepare it at home by boiling some before heading out. Eggs are a great source of fat as well as protein, in addition to be extremely nutritious. One hard boiled egg has about 75 calories with 5 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and only 1 gram of carbs.

    Daketoshop's 0 Carbs Keto Collagen Shake

    Hunger curving and satisfying Daketoshop's keto shake is the world's first 0 carbs. Daketoshop's shake is made with creamy natural dark chocolate, encompassing the perfect balance between texture and flavour. Made only with 100% natural ingredients free from fillers and artificial sweeteners. You won't help but to always look forward to your next shake. One scoop provides you with 70 calories and 0 carbs.


    These are easy to carry around and have all you need to stay keto friendly. Olives are actually a fruit and not vegetables. Another factor worth mentioning is that olives are rich source of oils, minerals and vitamins A, E, K and B. Defenitley include this one on your list of keto snacks to have handy.


    If you love fruits, you still have hopes, there are some fruits that are keto friendly. Raspberry is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and can be consumed in moderation in your keto diet. Use a small top-over to carry a quarter cup of raspberries, for when you need a quick boost in energy.


    Another great source of fat and energy you should keep in your keto diet arsenal are avocados. Avocados are a stone fruit with a creamy texture that grow in hot climates. They're nutritious and have many health benefits such as improving digestion, lowering the risk of cancer and improving digestion.

    Pumpkin seeds

    These are typically roasted for consumption and are easy to carry around for a keto snack. Pumpkin seeds have healthy oils, magnesium, and other nutrients that help enhance the health of the heart, bones, and other functions.

    Goat Cheese

    Some types of Cheese are essentially the perfect kind of easy keto snacks for the keto diet. Goat cheese is one type of keto friendly cheese you can take advantage. It is packed with high amounts of fat, moderate protein and low carbs. From 1 oz of goat cheese, you can expect to get 90 calories with only 0.2 grams of carbs, 6 g of protein, and 7 g of fat.

    Those were some of the keto snacks to buy that we recommend you carry with you, to get an energy boost when you need it the most. Are there any other snacks you like eating that's not listed here? Please let us know in the comments, we would love your feedback.