About us


    Welcome to DaKetoShop, the birthplace of the all natural keto snacks and supplements. We are a small company based out of LA, California. Our passion and goal was inspired by the idea of creating all natural, high quality Keto snacks that are distinguishably delicious and compliment a healthy diet. 

    Our story started back in June 2018, when we realized that most of the keto diet supplements we were using had ingredients that were unhealthy and not natural. So knowing those ingredients could jeopardize our long term health and well being, we decided to take matters into our hands and created a healthy and natural version. 

    We began this journey by doing extensive research on what were the healthiest and natural ingredients that we could use to compliment a healthy keto diet and at the same time make them taste delicious. We slowly began producing small batches of our products and performed meticulous taste and quality testing. We did this to purposely be able to have quality control over our products. One of the pitfalls of the bigger companies, is that they mass produce supplements and they fail to keep the same quality you deserve .

    At DaKetoShop, our customer's long term health and well being lies at the heart of our mission and code of ethics. We are committed to providing you all natural healthy products that are just delicious time and time again. In fact our motto goes; "If we don't like it, we won't sell it, period."

    We are confident once you give us a try and we gain your business, you'll join many of our happy customers that keep coming back over and over again. 

    May we all embrace the goodness of good low carb keto diet.

    With Love,

    DaKetoShop Team.