Keto Collagen Peptides + MCT Oil (Bundle)


    Daketoshop's Grass-Fed Keto Collagen Meal replacement bundle is a 100% natural & 0 carbs protein powder designed to be the best meal replacement shake for your keto diet just about anytime of day to help you lose weight fast. 

    Our Keto Collagen shake is just so delicious you will always look forward to your next shake. Each serving is made of natural collagen from grass fed cows with 10 grams of high quality protein, plus healthy fats containing 5 grams of high grade MCT Oil. Our powerful shake will give you the energy and fat that you need, to keep you fed and on ketosis all day long.

    Amongst other benefits you'll notice your skin rejuvenated soon after (the "elasticity"), and your hair and nails fortified with much improved mobility on your joints.



    DaKetoShop's Keto Collagen powder, has your low carb keto diet in mind with "0 carbs" per serving, hence it makes for a perfect snack to have on the go, while at work, after the gym or just when you need a carb free snack. 

    World #1 Keto Collagen + MCT  


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